oct 2022-mar 2023



B2B & B2C Ads • Email design • Illustration • Marketing metrics analysis • Influencer outreach


Figma • Illustrator • Klaviyo • Hubspot • Google Analytics

Graphic Design Internship at Odyssey, a DTC growth marketing startup. I worked with visual & product designers, growth marketers, and creative director to create assets like ads, marketing emails, and landing pages. Through designing for various clients, I learnt how to visually express and amplify each brand's existing image, highlight their products, and appeal to their unique audiences.


Assemble is a compensation management platform that helps companies attract, motivate, and retain employees while eliminating inequitable pay. I created LinkedIn ads for promoting their guides and webinars, as well as marketing emails to go with them.

The ads had an average of >2.7% CTR, which is 4 times of the benchmark (0.67% in 2021). The emails had a 3.9% CTR and 60% sign-up rate from clicks.


MindCare360 provides information on clinical trials, particularly those for mental health illnesses. I researched, brainstormed, and developed new Facebook ad concepts for them. While their previous ads mostly relied on stock images, I experimented with various directions including abstract shapes, imagery, and illustrations that represent different indications.

Through rounds of trial and error, we discovered that warmer colors and relatively neutral or hopeful imagery (as opposed to darker ones) are more effective. These are some of the best performers, with an average of 10% conversion rate, some up to over 20%.


NBT is a protective motorcycle gear brand that blends style, protection, and comfort. I created marketing emails and static ads for their Black Friday and holiday campaigns. They serve to highlight their new products: the armored hoodie and LTR pants with kevlar lining.


Suvie is a kitchen robot with an optional meal kit delivery system. Below are some Instagram ads I've created for their Black Friday Sale.


Embr Wave is a personal cooling device for immediate hot flash relief. Here are some holiday-themed email templates I've created for them.

icons & product illustrations

Assets created for Odyssey, Ease, and NBT for their websites.